Ultimate Bumblebee

Ulitimate Bumblebee Features

The all-new 14 inch Ultimate Bumblebeeaction figure comes with motion-activated lights and sounds that will enable the robot to outwit and outlast the Decepticons during combat. With full sound discovery capabilities, Ultimate Bumblebee can reply to sounds by turning in their direction and emiting sounds of his own. He is equiped with 17 different heroic phrases including “Take that, Decepticon!” and “Let’s roll out!” Ultimate Bumblebee also makes awesome battle sounds when he fires his plasma canon, as well as the whirring sounds of his movements. Ultimate Bumblebee can also boogie down to “Whip It” by Devo. The cool factor in the new Ultimate Bumblebee is without a doubt his updated vehicle and robot modes that have been designed to include all intricate details from the Transformers blockbuster movie.
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Transformer Ultimate Bumblebee

Ultimate Bumblebee in Robot Mode

While in robot mode, Ultimate Bumblebee’s eyes light-up and he dons a flip-down battle mask, which shows that he is ready to enter into battle. Ultimate Bumblebee also comes with an animatronic head, arms and wings that help to bring the friendly robot to life. At the touch of a button, Ultimate Bumblebee moves his head form side to side, while his arms and wings move up and down. And don’t forget his automatic plasma canon which aims and fires missiles at the evil Decepticon villains all in the noble cause of saving our planet.
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Utlimate Bumblebee's Camero

Ultimate Bumblebee as a Camero

Ultimate Bumblebee converts into a very sleek Camaro while in vehicle mode. Ultimate Bumblebee is quite the sight to behold when in vehicle mode, with all his updated hood and flashy grill detail not to mention the headlights and taillights, car and horn alarm systems, revving engine sounds, as well as the crashing and screeching brakes sound effects. Always ready to take Sam wherever he needs to go. Bumblebee hides in the Camero ever ready to transform from car to robot.

BUMBLEBEE waits and watches until he is called upon to protect Sam and any other humans that come under threat from MEGATRON. He is a cunning warrior against evil, and dedicated to those he calls his friends. When danger threatens, he converts to robot mode with his plasma cannon blazing! The TRANSFORMERS Movie hero "comes to life" at the push of a button! With the new Ultimate Bumblebee on your side, the Decepticons don’t stand a chance.

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May 5, 2010
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