Ulitmate Bumblebee

Ultimate Bumblebee

Back and ready for action Ulitmate Bumblebee, agruably the biggest robot star in the world, combines the action figure and the new stylish 2008 yellow Camaro car. What boy big or small can resist! With the Transformer Movie 2 fresh in everyone's mind Bumblebee is touted to be a number one seller for this Christmas. A bit on the pricey side the all-new Ultimate Bumblebee action figure comes with motion-activated lights and sounds that will enable the robot to outwit and outlast the Decepticons during combat.

This astonishing 14-inch tall animatronic Bumblebee robot transforms into a 2008 Camaro, complete with lights and sounds! With the touch of a button, our hero comes to life with speech and music featuring Devo's 'Whip It,' battle, and conversion sounds. Bumblebee's sound detection capabilities also enable him to respond to noises. His head, arms, and wings are animated, and he can even aim and fire a missile!

He fights side by side with his good buddy Optimus Prime. Together they set out to rid the Earth of the Deception's leader Megatron.
With this year's release of the Movie Transformers ; Revenge of the Fallen the Ultimate Bumblebee is on a must have boy toy for Christmas 2009.

Warning: Out-of-stock conditions are already occurring with "Ultimate Bumblebee" this Holiday Season. So, if you plan to purchase Transformer Ultimate Bumblebee as a present for your super hero this Christmas, shop now and don't delay! You do not want to disappoint your guy on Christmas Day

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Ultimate Bumblebee the Warrior

Ultimate Bumblebee the Warrior

He is a cunning warrior against evil, and dedicated to those he calls his friends.When danger threatens, he converts to robot mode with his plasma cannon blazing! The TRANSFORMERS Movie hero "comes to life" at the push of a button!

This amazing and ultra-detailed robot figure features an animated head, wings and arms. His cannon automatically "aims" and fires a missile!

Protecting his friend Sam, Bumblebee stayed on Earth to fight the Deceptions. The robot Bumblebee and the human boy Sam have been tireless in their efforts to rid the Earth of more and more deceptions. The bond between the two has become very strong as they strive to save the earth from annihilation.

Utltinate Bumblebee features have been crafted to the Bumblebee in Movie 2. This toy is definitely going to be one of the hot holiday toys of the season Even though it has a high price tag, it is sure to become a hit Transformer toy due to the car/robot combination along with the numerous features loaded into it. It is meant for ages 5+.

This is Transformer, Ultimate Bumblebee,on many boy's, big and small, lists for Christmas 2009. Don't delay in ordering and be sure to check out the full Ultimate Bumblebee rangeand accessories.

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May 4, 2010
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